How to get a Loan

The maximum loan amount that you can avail is based on the persons collateral capacity and credit report

A person credit report determine the maximum loan amount you can have. If your collateral capacity is low, you can only avail a maximum of 25% of the maximum loan amount, but the lender can increase the loan amount to 30% and higher if your collateral capacity improves. Credit report means your financial status, such as your credit score.

You may not be able to avail a maximum of 30% of the maximum loan amount if you have bad credit history. Your credit score affects your credit limit but the loan amount can be adjusted up to the amount of your credit limit.

How can I avoid overpaying?

If you don’t have sufficient cash on hand, you can pay off your loan early in accordance with your repayment schedule. A loan that is paid off early is no longer a security, meaning it cannot be seized or confiscated. If you are planning to take a loan out and need additional funds, it is better to work with a lender that offers no-lending programs, and that’s why people also consider options online like a short term loan that have low interests rate

To avoid paying more than your loan can repay, you must always make sure that you understand the terms of the loan agreement. You must be sure to keep detailed records of your account with each lender you choose. If you have trouble paying back a debt, do not take it to collection. If you are still in default after six months, contact the collection agency and explain the situation and your situation. Do not give up. You can ask for a collection or credit hearing to dispute the debt.

Contacting a Collection Agency If you owe a debt, you will likely be contacted by a collection agency that can contact your employer, financial institution, or credit union to get your debts removed from your credit report. Even if you have not filed a lawsuit or had a collection filed against you, you may receive a letter from a collection agency with a copy of the suit filed. A collection letter may include statements of a debt or statement that you owe a debt or have had a collection filed against you. It is best to contact the collection agency and explain the situation. If the collection agency does not respond within 15 days, you may have a collection lawsuit filed against you. You should be aware that a court will be involved if the collection lawsuit is filed, and this can result in a lengthy period of time and large legal fees. In some cases, you may be able to negotiate a settlement with the collection agency and avoid a lawsuit.

If you have a debt, it is very important that you contact your creditors and resolve the debt quickly.

Do not ignore the collection calls. The collection agency has the right to call you any time it believes that you are in default and need to be notified. This could be the middle of the night, if you are home, or any time you are awake. If you don’t answer the phone, the agency can call you back later.

Be persistent, and don’t take the collectors lying down. Many debt collectors want to believe that they are getting good advice. If you continue to dispute collection accounts, you are more likely to receive a letter or an email from the collection agency asking you to settle. The collection agency might also send a bill or threaten to garnish your wages. If you do not resolve the matter by the date or time provided, the collection agency may file a lawsuit in Small Claims Court to get its money. Once you do settle the dispute, the debt may be removed from your credit report.

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    Ahh sweet patience!! Cliff, I admire your attitude about observing fish before you buy them, as most people I encounter are impulse buyers! The “Oooo, that’s pretty” factor usually wins out, and they buy the first fish that catches their eye. Smart buyers will make sure their future purchase is lively and social … not looking to disrupt the environment. Thanks for the good advice!


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