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Marine Ich (Cryptocaryon Irritants)

What is Marine Ich ???

Marine ich (sometimes call white spot disease) is among the more common viruses in the hobby today.  It can also be one of the more frustrating situations to deal with.  A large part of this frustration happens when people do not completely understanding the life cycle of this virus.  The below diagram shows the life cycle of the ich virus.


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Interesting Blog Articles

I really do enjoy it when I have time for a lot of reading about the hobby.  Below are some articles that I found interesting and I thought I would share them here.

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Setting-up Your First Marine Aquarium

I’ve been asked how to set-up a marine aquarium many times by people who are starting to think about getting a marine aquarium.  As with all things in this hobby, there is more than one way to set-up a healthy and thriving aquarium.  Before you can get to the point of a detailed step-by-step how to set-up a marine aquarium, you must first consider a few of the critical element to having a great set-up.  Once you have those basic elements figured out, planning the rest of the set-up quickly starts to become really easy.
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Spot Feeding Marine Clams

There are a lot of different opinions out there about the manual feeding of clams. I have had great success with weekly (or so) feedings until the clam is about 4 inches in size. I only feed monthly from 4 to 5 inches, following the below process.  The below process can also be used for the spot feeding of other filter feeders and some corals.
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Parasites in Marine Fish

Most of the marine fish that we keep come from the wild. It isn’t unusual for these fish to have internal problems such as worms, or even bacterial or parasitic infection in their intestinal track. External parasites are also just as common, if not possible more. I have read that it is estimated that as much as 30% of the marine fish in the wild have some kind of intestinal infection.

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Feeding High Quality Froozen Foods

I thought I would take some time to explain how I prepare the raw foods that I feed to my carnivorous / predator fish and my anemones.  This results in a higher quality food for less cost than purchased frozen fish foods.

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