Koralia Evolution Powerhead Product Review

Rating Overview: Overall product rating of: 4 out of 5

Details of my ratings along with the manufacture’s specifications are contained below.

The below is taken directly from the manufacture’s website: http://www.hydor.com/prodotti/show/famprod/46/list/14

Finally a compact, energy saving controllable pump with amazing, never before seen performance!  Even the exclusive magnet suction-cup support has been improved with vibration reduction technology.  Find the model that best suits your needs, position it, plug it into a timer or directly into your electrical supply and watch your aquarium benefit from the powerful yet gentle flow.





fresh water



115V – 60 Hz



550 gph

from 30 to 50 gal

from 15 to 30 gal



750 GPH

from 50 to 90 gal

from 30 to 50 gal



1050 gph

from 70 to 125 gal

from 45 to 70 gal



1400 gph

from  90 to 160 gal

from 55 to 90 gal


*Aquarium sizes in the above chart are suggested by Hydor. Each Hobbyist should choose the Koralia model that better suits the needs of the inhabitants (plants, fish, corals, etc) of the aquarium in which the pump(s) will operate.

The below information is my personal assessment of the Koralia evolution powerhead.

Overall Size and Appearance

Although they are not a eye sore in your aquarium, they can be larger than other comparable powerheads.  The Koralia evolution powerheads are a little large for my personal preference, but that would not stop me from using them

Mounting Set-up

The Koralia evolution using a combination of a suction cup and magnet mounting system.  I personally do not like using any powerhear with a suction cup in the mounting system as over time, the rubber on the suction cup will fail 

Flexibility of Adjustment

The Koralia Evolution has limited angles you can adjust the direction of the flow.  This may or may not be a limiting factor based on the needs of your set-up.

Ease of Maintenance

These powerheads are easy to take apart and clean as apart of your routine maintenance.  I have been using two Koralia Evolution powerheads for a few years now without a single problem.  They are highly dependable with properly maintained


This is one of the best features of the Koralia Evolution powerheads.  They are among the lower priced powerheads commonly available in the hobby.  .

Likeliness of Recommending this Powerhead

I would highly recommend this powerhead to anyone who is on a tight budget and only needs fairly straight flow coming from the aquarium wall the powerhead is mounted to.

The Koralia Evolution powerheads also come with rubber posts built into the base to help prevent noise from vibration.  Although I have never noticed any vibration coming from any of the Koralia powerheads that I have used in the past years, this is a nice feature to have.


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