ORA Introduces the Gold Nugget Clownfish to market

The Gold Nugget maroon clownfish from ORA was first seen at Aquarama 2013 in Singapore. Now the production of this strain of clownfish has reached levels that allows ORA to release them on the market and they are now available to all ORA customers. Talk to your local reef store and ask them to bring some in if you want one.

The Guld Nugget Clownfish is a further development of the Goldflak maroon clownfish that ORA released September 2012. They where not a intentionally developed strain but rather a byproduct from increased gold flake clownfish production. When ORA started to increase production of the goldflake clownfish they discovered unique fry that were solid white and resembles Platinum percula clownfish but that develops a golden hue as they matures.

When young these gold nugget clownfish has a mostly white body with red and varying shades of red and maroon on the fins as well as the face. Some gold nugget juveniles will feature white on their face or even an tear drop under their eye. (should we guess that we will see tear drop clowns in the future?). The juveniles turns gold as they mature. When this happens depends on a number of different factors such as diet, habitat and lighting. They may start to turn gold after only 4-6 months but in most cases it takes more than a year for them to turn gold.

The Gold Nugget clownfish features a behavior such as you would expect from a maroon goldfish. They are in other words rather hardy and can be aggressive.

juvenile gold nugget clownfish

A juvenile gold nugget clown. Notice that white platinum hue in this juvenile fish. It takes from 4-6 month to more than a year for them to start to turn gold.

morphing gold nugget clownfish

This specimen has just started to turn gold and you can start to see how it will look as an adult.

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