Quietone Internal/External Return Pumps

 Overall Rating: 3 out of 5


The below information is taken directly from the manufacture’s website



  • Extremely quiet operation…noise level less than 45 decibels.
  • Ease of service through simple snap on/off covers and removable magnetic drive impellers.
  • Patented “Uni-Direction” impeller eliminates need for noisy mechanical device. Allows pumps to always turn in correct direction immediately.
  • High quality corrosion resistant bearings help ensure quiet operation and longer life.
  • Innovative “cooling chambers” provide air-cooling during dry use and water cooling in wet applications.
  • 115v 60 Hz or 220V 50 Hz models in all sizes.

My own assessment of the Quietone return pump is below and is based on three different Quietone 6000 return pumps that I have used in a submerged (internal) set-up:

Noise Level:  Ironically, the Quietone return pump is not among the more silent return pumps that I have used. Under normal conditions use, this pump produces what I would refer to as slightly above an average amount of noise.  Once the impeller gets dirty, or the pump is in need of maintenance, it can get really loud requiring a complete and detailed cleaning before the noise level can be lowered again.

Flow Produced:  This pump produces fairly good flow which is one of the pump’s better qualities.  I have not had one produce the same level of flow as stated by the manufacture, but it is reasonably close and is stable over time.

Heat Produced:  The Quietone return pumps can produce a lot of heat when used internally (in the water).  I once had a Quietone 6000 return pump that I used for mixing salt water in a 35 gallon container.  Within 24 to 36 hours, the temperature of the 35 gallons of water in this container would increase from around 68F to around 83F and stay at that level as long as the pump was running.  As the model 6000 pump would typically be used on a sumped set-up of up-to 90 gallons, it would not raise the temp that much in an actual set-up.

Ease of Maintenance:  The pump does come apart fairly easy for maintenance.  However, it has a ceramic impeller shaft which is easily broken if you are not careful.

Price Point:  This is one of the quietone return pump’s better qualities.  They are among the more reasonability priced return pumps out there which are also commonly found in most major cities in North America.  Prices will vary based on return pump size

Likeliness of recommending this return pump:  I would recommend this return pump to anyone setting up a sumped aquarium of up- to 90 gallons or less and who is also on a very tight budget.

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