Scinaia Macro Algae

Scientific Name: Scinaia complanata
Classification: Macro Algae
Common Names: Red leaf macro algae
Reproduction: Non-sexual
Color: Red to Pink
Growth Rate: Moderate
Lighting: Moderate
Flow: Low / Moderate
Care level: Moderate to difficult


Scinaia will have a very nice red to redish pink coloring.  It will typically grow in clumps of smaller leaf like structures which get wider the closer you get to the top.  These leaf like structure will also have somewhat inconsistent shapes.  The clumps of scinaia will attch themselves to rocks or other objects in your aquarium. They can grow as large as 5 inches tall and 4 to 5 inches wide.  This macro algae is a great addition to any display tank.  Just make sure you do not have herbivorous fish or invertebrates that will typically eat macro algaes.

Lighting requirements

Scinaia will do best with moderate levels of light in the 6500K to 6700K color temperature range.  However, I have obtained very good results with moderate to high levels of CFL lighting in the 3000K to 4000K color temperature range. I have also had the best results with a 18 hour photo period followed by 6 hours of no light.

Water Conditions

As this is a more difficult algae that will good and stable water conditions, maintaining your water parameters as described in the below link will help to ensure this algae will grow well.  Scinaia will also do best in a set-up that normally produces around 5ppm of nitrate which is the exception to the information in the below link.  This macro algae will not do well with lower levels of nutrients. You may also need to consider dosing iodine if you experience difficulty keeping this algae healthy and growing.


General Care

It is very important to maintain the correct flow, lighting and water parameters for this macro algae. It can be a more fragile algae so handling it is not recommended, just place it in a spot in your tank and leave it there.  Mishandling or frequent handling can cause scinaia to die-off very quickly.  You may experience a few set-backs with keeping Scinaia for the first time, but as this is such a beautiful macro algae it can be worth trying and sticking with it.

As Scinaia can be a tasty treat for most crabs and tangs so it is important to make sure your current or future tank inhabitants are not known to eat macro algaes

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