ORA Releasese Blue Hypnea – Stunning Macro Algae

I am a big fan of Macro algae and would really want to setup a large planted marine setup one day. I find macro algae to be worthy of a lot more attention than they get today and that they often are nothing short of stunning. This is the reason I get happy every time I see a new macro algae becomming readily available on the Market. I am very happy to introduce the new Blue Hypnea that ORA recently made available to their retailers. It is a completely stunning algae that can stand its ground against any coral and that diserves to be given a central place in any aquarium rather than just being grown in algae scrubber. It can make a completely breathtaking center piece for any nano tank that has been planned around this blue beauty.

The Blue Hypnea is a resilient species that will grow in most lights but will look its absolut best if it is a given a position with an intermediate level of light, (for a marine reef tank). They will grow in more low light environments but will never really thrive or look as good as it can unless it is given an adequate level of light.

They prefer a nutrient rich water with plenty of free Iodine in the water. Regular use of Iodine supplements are recommended if you want to grow this and other Hypnea species

If you want to rknow more about how to care for blue hypnea and other Macro Algae i recommend that you visit our page about planted marine aquarium.

Hopefully we will soon see more stunning Macro algae from ORA.

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