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Red Hair Algae

Scientific Name:  Centroceras clavulatum.
Classification:  Macro Algae
Common Names: Red hair algae,
Reproduction: Non-sexual
Color: Red to Dark Red
Growth Rate: Moderate
Lighting: Moderate
Flow: Low / Moderate to High
Care level: Easy to Moderate



Red hair algae, as the name suggest, is a type of hair algae.  Due to the very nice red coloring, some hobbyist to try to keep it in there aquariums.  As this is not a fast growing algae, many other  types of algaes can out compete it for nutrients.

Lighting Requirements

Red hair algae will do well with moderate levels of light at the 6500K color temperature range.  However, stronger levels of lighting with lower color temperatures can accelerate growth provided all other conditions / requirements are met. I have obtained very good results with high levels of CFL lighting in the 3000K range. I have also had the best results with a 18 hour photo period followed by a 6 hour period of no light.

Water Conditions

As this is a more difficult algae that will good and stable water conditions, maintaining your water parameters as described in the below link will help to ensure this algae will grow well.  Red hair algae will also do best in a set-up that normally produces around 5ppm of nitrate which is the exception to the information in the below link.  This macro algae will not do well with lower levels of nutrients. You may also need to consider dosing iodine if you experience difficulty keeping this algae healthy and growing



General Care

It is very important to maintain the correct flow, lighting and water parameters for this macro algae.  This can also be a tasty treat for most crabs and tangs so it is important to make sure your current or future tank inhabitants are not known to eat macro algaes