Dwarf Flame Angelfish

The below Dwarf Flame Angelfish  profile is based on what I have learned and observed.  They certainly are very colorful fish to keep and will add a lot of viewing pleasure to a properly set-up aquarium.

Common Name: Dwarf Flame Angelfish
Scientific Name: Centropyge Loriculus
Reef Safe: Caution
Temperament: Semi Aggressive
Care Level: Moderate
Max Size: 3 to 4 inches (closer to 4 inches is more common)


The Flame Angelfish is one of the more popular of the dwarf angelfish. It has a bright red to orange colored body with vertical black stripes or bars on the body with a blue stripe along the top of the dorsal and the tip of the anal fins.  There will be slight variations to appearance base on the exact region of the ocean the dwarf flame angel comes from. The below pictures are of the dwarf flame angel that have kept for a number of years now.





This fish will most certainly be aggressive towards all other dwarf flame angels in the same aquarium and has been known to be aggressive towards other fish the same size or smaller than the flame angel.  If you are planning to add a dwarf angel to your aquarium, it should be the last fish that you add to help limit aggression.


Although this is a small fish, the dwarf flames angel is small fish, it is a very active fish and requires a lot of rock to pick at consuming the algae and sponges that will grow there.  For those reasons I would suggest a nothing smaller than a 55 gallon tank, with a 75 gallon being the best option for them

Flame angels can be a risk to keep with corals.  Some of them have been known to nip at corals while others never do.  Careful observation is recommended when first keeping a dwarf flame angel with corals.


Recommended water conditions:

I would refer you to the below article for the typical water conditions that dwarf angel will do best in:




Dwarf flame angels are omnivores. They will eat almost anything you give them.  A good variety of algae based as well as meat based foods would be best for them.  Marine based flakes or pellets, with algae based marine flake or pellets along with the occasional offering of mysis or brine shrimp would be very good example of foods offer your dwarf flame angelfish.

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