Orange Back Wrasse

Common Name: Orange Back Wrasse, Orange-Back Fairy Wrasse,

Scientific Name: Cirrhilabrus Aurantidorsalis

Reef Safe: Yes

Temperament: Peaceful

Care Level: Easy

Max Size:  3.5 to 4.5 inches



This is a very colorful fish.  The body of the fish is a vibrant blue like color, and (as the name suggests), they have a brightly colored orange back running the full length of the body, from the head to the tail.  Males will have an additional dark red or burgundy coloring on the head.  There can be some slight color variations among different orange back wrasses.  The male’s coloring can darken up a little as a part of the mating process.


These are very peaceful and active fish. I would not suggest keeping more than one in an aquarium unless you have a male and female pair.



The Orange Back Wrasse will need at least a 55 gallon aquarium as this is a very active fish that doesn’t like to stay still for very long at all.  They will need some hiding spots among the live rock in your aquarium to go to when they feel threatened.  They have also been known to jump out of aquariums so it is advisable to have a canopy or glass tops on your aquarium.


Recommended water conditions:

I would refer you to the below article for the typical water conditions which this wrasse will do best in:



As with most wrasses, they are carnivores. They will do best when offered a variety of different meaty food along with marine flake or pellet foods meant for carnivores.

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