Six Line Wrasse

Common Name: Six Line Wrasse, Sixstripe Wrasse

Scientific Name: Pseudocheilinus Hexataenia

Reef Safe:  Yes

Temperament: Peaceful

Care Level: Easy

Max Size:  2 to 3 inches



This is another colorful wrasse.  They have a purple coloring to their bodies with six orange colored horizontal lines running the full length of their body.  They will also have stripes of a white to yellow or gold coloring running across both eyes.  The dorsal fin will typically have some orange coloring on it and the tail find will have some green coloring on it.



This is a very peaceful fish when kept with other peaceful fish. The sixline should be the last fish added to the aquarium to greatly reduce any chances of aggression.  They should be the only six line wrasse in the aquarium as they will get very aggressive toward other six line wrasses in most situations.



As this is a very small fish, it can be kept in an aquarium as small as 20 gallons provided there is a lot of live rock while still leaving a far amount of swimming space within the tank.  They do best with live rock as they like to scavenge for food in the rocks as well as hid in the rocks when they feel threatened.  They have also been known to eat a lot of aquarium pests such as certain types of flat worms.  You should also have a few inches of substrate on the bottom of the tank as this fish will sometimes burry itself into the substrate in order to hide when it feels stressed.


Recommended water conditions:

I would refer you to the below article for the typical water conditions this wrasse will do best in:



As with most wrasses, they are carnivores. They will do best when offered a variety of different meaty foods along with marine flake or pellet foods meant for carnivores.


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