New species, Cappuccino basslet – canthoplesiops cappuccino

Acanthoplesiops cappuccino close-upA new stunning little basslet species have been described. Acanthoplesiops cappuccino or the Cappuccino basslet. This small species was discovered in the Red Sea and was described by Anthony Gill et. al. The name was chosen due to its brown coloration with lighter coffee colored spots. The tail fin have a bright yellow edge. If you look at the picture above you will see that this species is much prettier than the description make it sound like. It is not a small brown boring fish but rather a small coffee colored gem.

The species has been described from a single holotype specimen. This specimen was collected near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,

There isn’t enough known about this species yet to predict the probability of this fish making it into the aquarium trade. If they are present in large enough numbers I predict that collectors in the Red Sea will collect them at least occasional if there is a demand for them. I for one really hope to see this unique looking little fish in the trade on day.

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