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bubble tip anemone

Keeping Anemones

Just as with all marine critters, you need to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before getting an anemone.The below is based on my first hand experiences and what I learned from researching before getting my anemones.
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feeding corals

Feeding Corals

Corals (with a few exceptions) will do very well without being feed when provided with the proper environment within a mature set-up.  Feeding corals will often accelerate their growth. When it comes to feeding, I will place corals into one of two groups, those with large mouths (large polyp corals like brains or plates), and those with very very small mouths (like stony polyp corals).  I have a different approach to feed each.
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Good Starter Fish and Clean-up Crew Options

So, now after deciding to set-up your first marine aquarium and having your patients tested to the limit waiting for your tank to become cycled, you are now ready to add your first inhabitants.

Wither you decide to start off by adding your first fish or two, or start by adding your clean-up crew (CUC), can really depend a lot on your personal preferences and potentially any algae you would need to start controlling.

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Good Corals for Beginners: Mushroom Corals

Mushroom corals like an aquarium superman rhodactis mushroom are a great choice for a beginner coral. They are a soft coral and among the hardiest of corals commonly found in the hobby today which can tolerate less than idea water conditions for short periods of time.  Mushrooms can also be found in a wide verity of colors and sizes making then a very great choice to add some color to any reef aquarium.   They are also readily available in most local fish stores and on-line reef stores.

There will be a few more articles posted on other easier/simpler corals to care for, so stay tune, more to come.

The below will outline the requirements to keep mushroom corals healthy and thriving in your tank.
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