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Royal Gramma

Common Name: Royal Gramma, Royal Gramma Basslet
Scientific Name: Gramma Loreto
Reef Safe: Yes
Temperament: Peaceful
Care Level: Easy
Max Size: 3 inches


The royal gramma is a very colorful little fish and will bring a lot of color and activity to any adequately set-up aquarium. The front half of the fish is a very bright purple color while the back half of the fish is a vibrant yellow color.  The royal gramma will also have some dark markings near it’s eyes.


Royal grammas are a very peaceful fish to have in an aquarium.  You can keep them with any other peaceful fish .  It is not recommended that you keep more than one royal gramma in your aquarium as they will get territorial and aggressive towards other royal grammas.


I would suggest the best minimum aquarium size for a royal gramma would be a standard 36 inch long 30 gallon tank  Some hobbyists have claimed long term success keeping a royal gramma in a 29 gallon bio-cube. As they will need hiding spots, I would suggest an aquarium with a good amount of live rock which can provide them with at least a few cave like spots to hide in.

Recommended water conditions:

I would refer you to the below article for the typical water conditions that a royal gramma will do best in:



Royal grammas are carnivores, A diet consisting of a verity of meaty foods such as brine shrimp or mysis shrimp (as two examples) would be good options.  The royal gramma would also benefit from a good quality marine flake food for carnivores.