Royal Gramma

Common Name: Royal Gramma, Royal Gramma Basslet
Scientific Name: Gramma Loreto
Reef Safe: Yes
Temperament: Peaceful
Care Level: Easy
Max Size: 3 inches


The royal gramma is a very colorful little fish and will bring a lot of color and activity to any adequately set-up aquarium. The front half of the fish is a very bright purple color while the back half of the fish is a vibrant yellow color.  The royal gramma will also have some dark markings near it’s eyes.


Royal grammas are a very peaceful fish to have in an aquarium.  You can keep them with any other peaceful fish .  It is not recommended that you keep more than one royal gramma in your aquarium as they will get territorial and aggressive towards other royal grammas.


I would suggest the best minimum aquarium size for a royal gramma would be a standard 36 inch long 30 gallon tank  Some hobbyists have claimed long term success keeping a royal gramma in a 29 gallon bio-cube. As they will need hiding spots, I would suggest an aquarium with a good amount of live rock which can provide them with at least a few cave like spots to hide in.

Recommended water conditions:

I would refer you to the below article for the typical water conditions that a royal gramma will do best in:


Royal grammas are carnivores, A diet consisting of a verity of meaty foods such as brine shrimp or mysis shrimp (as two examples) would be good options.  The royal gramma would also benefit from a good quality marine flake food for carnivores.

3 thoughts on “Royal Gramma”

  1. Brad

    Multiples are not recommended in smaller aquariums, but in larger systems (125gal and larger) multiples definitely a possibility. Adding multiples just require sufficient caves and crevices for them to establish their own territories, and they must all be added at the same time. To keep multiples either obtain a mated pair, or get 3 or more and keep them in odd numbers.


  2. Isaiah

    Royal Gramma is on my stocking list. I am stocking a 50 gallon tank, with the footprint of a 40 Breeder. Later it will have a sump, but for now it’s a very low-tech setup. My stocking list includes a Chalk Bass, Pair of clowns, the Gramma, a Coral Beauty Angel, and a Sapphire Blue Damselfish… I’m considering others like a firefish, some sort of goby, etc… but for now that is what’s made my list. Any input would be more than welcomed…. If you have any tips please email me your suggestions at santacreekfurrows at gmail dot com….. happy reefing folks…


    1. Cliff Post author

      I would skip the damselfish. You will have a lot of peaceful fish in a smaller set-up. Adding a territorial fish that can become aggressive will most likely not end well. It is a risk that I would suggest avoiding.


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